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GA Pediatric Program (GAPP)

What is GAPP?

The Georgia Pediatric Program (aKa GAPP) is funded by Georgia Medicaid. GAPP is a Medicaid/Katie Beckett program that provides FREE with NO COST services to medically fragile children under the age of 21 in need of skilled nursing care and personal care support in their homes. Services are approved based on the child's medical needs, and families can apply for GAPP at any time. 

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What if I don't meet the Medicaid Income Requirements?

You can still qualify for service with a Katie Beckett Waiver or a Deeming Waiver. These waivers are another eligibility category with Medicaid for children at the age of 18. The Katie Becket Waiver takes the parent's income out of the equation and bases its decision on the child(ren) needs. If a child qualifies for a Katie Becket or Deeming Waiver they become eligible for services available under the regular state Medicaid plan.

What is the Approval Process?

  • A referral from your doctor is required

  • A Compassionate Professional Home Care coordinator will come out to your home to complete your initial consultation.

  • Required documentation is submitted to GAPP for approval.

  • The GAPP decision team will determine your child's eligibility

  •  In-home medical/personal care begins for your child (within 30-60 days of initial application).

For additional information on GAPP or to discuss eligibility, contact:


Latrisse Davis


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